Dukes Specialty Coffee Store

We produce freshly roasted organic specialty coffee each day with an unmatched attention to detail. Each lot is carefully selected, profiled, tweaked and cupped rigorously before being made available to you.

All our online coffee orders are roasted fresh in Melbourne daily, and we ship throughout the week.

  • Espresso Roast
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  • Colombia – Las Brisas, Washed Caturra (Organic) Espresso

    Blood orange, white chocolate and blueberry

  • Dukes Blend

    Strong, balanced and versatile, perfect for either black or white coffee.

  • Ethiopia Suke Quto, Natural Process (Organic) Espresso

    Rich & syrupy, raspberry jam, maraschino cherry

  • Guatemala – San Jacinto Decaf (Organic)

    Swiss Water process; smooth, hazelnut, nougat

  • Highwire Organic Coffee Blend

    A rich and creamy organic blend, perfect black or with milk

  • Market Blend

    A bold coffee; wonderful under milk, or rich and syrupy served black.


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Our coffee makes the planet cooler.

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