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The best craftsmen have the best tools. As coffee roasters first and foremost, we focus primarily on the coffee rather than the machine. That said, we know that the right equipment is necessary to produce consistently excellent coffee.

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  • BWT Penguin 2.7L Filtered Water Jug

    Great coffee requires great water

    $59.00 / in stock
  • Dream Tamper 51mm (for La Pavoni Lever)

    51mm precision tamper for La Pavoni lever machines

    $99.00 / in stock
  • Dream Tamper 58.5mm Precision

    58.5mm precision tamper for commercial machines

  • Dream Tamper 58mm (Beech Timber)

    58mm precision tamper for domestic or commercial machines

  • Dream Tamper 58mm (Black)

    58mm precision tamper for domestic or commercial machines

  • E61 Group Gasket 8.5mm

    High-quality Nitrile Rubber Group Gasket (8.5mm thickness)

  • E61 Group Shower Screen

    Replacement Shower Screen for E61 Espresso Machines

  • Fellow ODE Filter Coffee Grinder

    Our recommended electronic filter grinder for home

    $580.00 / in stock
  • La Marzocco GB5

    La Marzocco GB5 Espresso Machine

    An understated companion to any coffee bar

  • La Marzocco Genuine Shower Screen

    Shower Screen for all La Marzocco Machines

  • La Marzocco Linea Classic

    La Marzocco Linea Classic Espresso Machine

    A benchmark in the professional espresso coffee machines industry

  • La Marzocco Linea PB Espresso Machine

    La Marzocco Linea PB Espresso Machine

    Practical & reliable, providing full barista control

  • La Marzocco Strada AV

    La Marzocco Strada AV Espresso Machine

    Repeatability & consistency in high-volume settings

  • Luminaire Automatic Shot Timer for Espresso Machines

    Automatic shot timer that integrates into most commercial and domestic espresso machines

    $139.00 / in stock
  • Pallo Group Head Brush

    Essential espresso machine group head cleaning brush

    $18.00 / in stock
  • Pallo Steam Wand Brush

    7.25mm diameter brush for deep cleaning steam pipes

    $10.00 / in stock
  • PuqPress Mini 58.3mm Auto Tamper for Home

    Automatic Tamper specifically for Home Espresso

  • Puqpress Q2 Automatic Coffee Tamper

    Puqpress Q2 (Gen 5) | Precision Automatic Coffee Tamper

    Perfectly compressed coffee grounds & a precisely level tamp - every time.

    $1,999.00 / in stock
  • Toddy 2L Cold Brew System

    Easy-to-use Cold Brew kit to get started at home or on the bar

    $69.00 / in stock
  • Toddy 2L Mesh Filter (Pack of 2)

    Mesh Filter Pads for use with Toddy 2L Cold Brewer (Pack of 2)

    $10.00 / in stock
  • Toddy 2L Paper Filter Bags

    Paper Filter Bags for use with Toddy 2L Cold Brewer (Pack of 20)

    $37.00 / in stock
  • Toddy 2L Rubber Stopper (Pack of 2)

    Rubber Stoppers for use with Toddy 2L Cold Brewer (Pack of 2)

    $8.00 / in stock
  • Victoria Arduino Mythos One Replacement Blades

    75mm Titanium-coated blades for Mythos Grinders

    $299.00 / in stock
  • VST Precision Basket – Ridged

    Precision cut 58mm Ridged portafilter baskets from VST Inc.

    $45.00 / in stock

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