Dukes Coffee Roasters is a group of like minded individuals who share a love and passion for great coffee and an untiring desire to break new ground. We are an Australian specialty coffee roasting company whose focus is the craft of carefully roasting the best coffees in the world using innovative and methodic roasting practices.

We are committed to bringing the best selection of exceptionally grown, amazing tasting and in season specialty coffees to cafes and consumers in Australia.

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We are always on the look out for new team members who share our passion and dedication for great coffee, service and hospitality.

If you are interested in working with us, please send us an email with your resume attached to [email protected]



Roastery & Training Centre
62 North St, Richmond 3121
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Dukes at Ross House
247 Flinders Lane 3000
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Office & Training Centre
425A Albany Highway, Victoria Park 6100
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North Espresso
Tower One, 100 Barangaroo Avenue, Barangaroo 2000
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Since our inception over a decade ago, we have worked continuously to build strong relationships with some of the best coffee growers, cooperatives and producer groups in each coffee growing region around the world.

We are blessed to be working with highly knowledgeable, passionate coffee farmers and cooperatives across Central and South America, Africa and Asia, that are focused on using the most sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices.

Each lot of coffee we buy has been ethically traded, sourced from individual farms or small cooperatives and is traceable down to farm level. Where possible, our preference is to purchase organically grown coffees.

Our expert green coffee buying and quality control team work tirelessly to ensure every bag of green coffee that arrives at the Dukes roastery conforms to our strict exceptional quality and taste requirements. After cupping hundreds of samples throughout the year, only the very finest and most suitable are selected for our blends and single estate releases.


We roast fresh daily in Melbourne on Loring Smart Roast and Probat roasting machines. Our roasting philosophy is centred around a need to forever improve, to relentlessly work towards the most enjoyable representation of a particular coffee.

The Dukes roastery in Melbourne produces beautiful, freshly roasted specialty coffee each day with an unmatched attention to detail. Each lot is carefully selected and then profiled, tweaked and cupped rigorously before being made available to you.

Our espresso blends are developed from the ground up with an eye for consistency not just from roast to roast but also throughout the year. Each batch is screened, cupped and tested by our roasters. As some growing regions come into season and others move on, we rework our blends gradually and deliberately so it is at its peak.

Our single origin coffees are roasted for espresso or filter to display complexity, vibrancy and clarity.

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