Programming La Marzocco Linea PB Volumetrics

Programming La Marzocco Linea PB Volumetrics

A step by step guide on how to program the volumetrics on your La Marzocco Linea PB.

Navigating the Menu

All volumetrics are set from the left menu panel. The first button is Left, the middle Right and the final button is Enter.

The menu display is located next to the right menu panel. All menus loop in a circle, and all volumetrics need to be set individually.

Step One

Make sure your grinder is dialled in with your grind close to your desired recipe.

Step Two

Load and lock in your portafilter.

Step Three

Press and hold Enter (left menu panel) for 7 seconds.

Step Four

Press Enter again twice to enter Group Dose Settings and Program Volume Dose.

Step Five

You are now in programming mode. Pressing any button will reset them.

Step Six

Tare your vessel and select the button you would like to set.

Step Seven

Stop at the desired yield by pressing the same button 3g before your desired yield.

Step Eight

To exit the programming mode press Enter, Left, Enter, Left, Enter.

Step Nine

Check volumetrics by weighing yield. Allow a tolerance of +/- 1g.

Step Ten

Note that each button should be programmed individually to improve accuracy.

Date Published

Wednesday 3th January 2018




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