Replacing A Mythos One Clump Crusher

Replacing A Mythos One Clump Crusher

A quick tutorial on how to replace your Mythos One Clump Crusher.

Step One

Remove the front plate.

Step Two

Use the brush and pick to clean the exit chute and inner screw.

Step Three

Remove the inner screw, making sure not to strip the screw by using the wrong screwdriver head.

Step Four

Pull out the exit chute and old clump crusher.

Step Five

Fold a new clump crusher into a box shape.

Step Six

Align the clump crusher with the exit chute.

Step Seven

Fit back into the grinder, making sure to align all holes.

Step Eight

Reattached the inner screw and front plate.

Step Nine

Check that the new clump crusher is properly aligned.

Date Published

Monday 1th January 2018




You Will Need

Phillips Head Screwdriver

Metal Pick

Small Grinder Brush

New Clump Crusher

Time Required

5 to 10 minutes


Every 3 to 6 months

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