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Seret, Tigray

In the northern Tigray region, rural communities are under further threat from the deforestation of the dry Afromontane forest as well as severe desertification and soil erosion. Large swathes of Tigray’s dry Afromontane forests and hillsides have been cleared primarily for agriculture and wood extraction, in addition to illegal charcoal production, leaving 0.5% of Tigray forested.

Since partnering with WeForest, Dukes has funded the planting of over 30,000 trees and restored over 25 hectares of deforested land in the Seret exclosure zone. In 20 years, these trees will have sequestered over 1000 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere. In Tigray, a joint re-greening effort of the government, community and NGOs work to stop land degradation, protect natural resources and improve food production. It does so mostly using ‘exclosures’ – areas where livestock is not allowed, to promote the rehabilitation of degraded land.

WeForest works with this movement through the enriching of encroached exclosures using native trees. The project works in close collaboration with the local community and supports them with training on natural resource management programs, income generating activities and providing material support.

The project specially targets landless youth and women groups to engage in income earning scheme activities such as through the two beekeeping cooperatives. Furthermore, the majority (63%) of the people working with WeForest in paid field work activities is female.

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No matter how big or small your purchase, we are offering you the opportunity to plant a tree with all online orders. For $1.50 per tree, you can choose how many trees, with all donations going to WeForest.


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