Cleaning a Fiorenzato F71 EK Espresso Grinder

Cleaning a Fiorenzato F71 EK Espresso Grinder

A step by step guide on how to thoroughly and efficiently clean your Fiorenzato F71EK espresso grinder.


Step One

Mark the collar to keep track of your grind setting. We use the top left screw as a reference point

Step Two

Remove the hopper and empty your coffee into a container.

Step Three

Switch off the grinder.

Step Four

Remove any coffee sitting above the burrs.

Step Five

Switch the grinder back on.

Step Six

Replace the hopper and grind out any residual coffee.

Step Seven

Remove the two hex screws in the safety switch assembly. The switch can now be removed.

Step Eight

Remove the grind setting collar by turning clockwise and set aside.

Step Nine

Remove the top burr carrier

Step Ten

Using the pick, remove the three springs.

Step Eleven

Use a vacuum to remove any remaining ground coffee in the chamber.

Step Twelve

Use the backend of your screwdriver to brace the bottom burr carrier. This a reverse thread, so turn the bold clockwise with your spanner.

Step Thirteen

Once loosened, remove the blade & bolt, two washers, conical burr and the bottom burr carriers.
Tip: place all items in the order in which they are removed.

Step Fourteen

Remove all remaining grounds using the vacuum, cloth and brush. Use the pick to clean any hard to reach places. The thread must be immaculate.

Step Fifteen

Remove the chute and clean thoroughly alongside each individual component.

Step Sixteen

Lubricate the inside of the bottom burr and replace.

Step Seventeen

Replace the washers and the burr retaining bolt (turning anti-clockwise).

Step Eighteen

Use the screwdriver again to brace against rotation.

Step Nineteen

Replace the springs and top burr carrier. Make sure to align the slot for the safety switch.

Step Twenty

Replace the collar (turning anti-clockwise). Once the collar stops turning, the burrs are at their closest setting.

Step Twenty-one

Revert (coarsen) back to your reference point.

Step Twenty-two

Replace the safety switch and screws, followed by the hopper.

Your grinder is now clean, and ready to grind.

Date Published

Thursday 4st March 2019




You Will Need

Microfibre Cloth

Adjustable Spanner

Food Grade Lubricant

Small Grinder Brush

Right-Angle Metal Pick

Copper Wire Brush

Size 3 Metric Allen Key

Compressed Air



15 to 20 minutes


Every 50kg

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