Moccamaster Brew Guide

Moccamaster Brew Guide

Technivorm Moccamaster coffee machines have been handmade in The Netherlands since 1964. While its styling is reminiscent of the drip coffee makers often seen in American diners, it is in fact a top class semi-automatic filter coffee brewer which is accredited by the SCAA, SCAE and other coffee industry bodies.

We highly recommend the Moccamaster for home, office or cafe use. It is a great way to make high quality filter coffee in large volumes, and when paired with a matching Thermal Carafe, can service the whole office for hours.

Step One

Fill the reservoir with 1 litre of cold, fresh water.

Step Two

Fold the paper filter at each hem and place into the brew basket.

Step Three

Thoroughly rinse the paper filter with hot water and drain into the thermal carafe. This will remove the papery taste from the filter and heat the thermal carafe.

Step Four

Weigh just over 60g of coffee. The grind should be coarse and similar to that of a French Press.

Make sure to weigh the ground coffee.

Step Five

Pour the ground coffee into the centre of your freshly-rinsed brew basket so it creates an even bed, ready for pouring.

Step Six

Push the carafe into place so that the safety switch is compressed.

Step Seven

Ensure the drip stop lever on the basket is in the top open position.

Step Eight

Turn on the Moccamaster.

Step Nine

Agitate the coffee at each 250ml interval by gently shaking the brew basket.

This draws the coffee into the centre of the basket, promoting a more even extraction.

The entire process should take approximately 5 minutes. Enjoy your brew!

Date Published

Tuesday 2th July 2018




You Will Need

Moccamaster Brewer

Moccamaster Paper Filters



Dosing Canister

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