Cleaning a Mazzer Robur Espresso Grinder

Cleaning a Mazzer Robur Espresso Grinder

A step by step guide on how to thoroughly and efficiently clean your Mazzer Robur espresso grinder.

Step One

First, mark the current position of the grinder and unscrew the top collar.

Step Two

Remove the top burr carrier, followed by the four springs.

Step Three

Wedge the screwdriver so the central chamber can’t move.

Step Four

Unscrew the bolt and remove all parts.

Step Five

Clean all individual parts, making sure to remove any build up of oils and coffee. A tip: place all parts in a line so the sequence isn’t mixed up when reassembling.

Step Six

Brush out the inner chamber. Using a vacuum is much easier!

Step Seven

Thoroughly clean the threads of the inner chamber and top collar. Threads must be immaculately cleaned in order to reassemble the grinder.

Step Eight

Replace all parts and reassemble the bottom chamber. Make sure to tighten the bolt firmly.

Step Nine

If required, lubricate the threads.

Step Ten

Push down on the top burr carrier with your palm and screw on the top collar.

Step Eleven

Replace the washer.

Step Twelve

Keep screwing until you meet resistance.

Step Thirteen

Align back to your initial reference point.

Date Published

Friday 5th January 2018




You Will Need

Phillips Head Screwdriver


Metal Pick

Food Grade Lubricant

Microfibre Cloth

Small Grinder Brush


15 to 20 minutes


Every 50kg

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