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  • Chemex 3-Cup Filter Papers

    The original Chemex 3-Cup Paper Filter

    $24.00 / out of stock
  • Chemex 6-Cup Filter Papers

    The original Chemex 6-Cup Paper Filter

    $24.00 / in stock
  • Hario V60 Filter Papers (02 Size)

    The classic Hario filter paper for V-shaped pour over drippers

    $12.00 / in stock
  • Luminaire Automatic Shot Timer for Espresso Machines

    Automatic shot timer that integrates into most commercial and domestic espresso machines

    $139.00 / in stock
  • Porlex Tall Hand Grinder (Version II)

    Larger stainless steel hand grinder with ceramic conical burrs.

    $109.00 / in stock
  • VST Precision Basket – Ridged

    Precision cut 58mm Ridged portafilter baskets from VST Inc.

    $45.00 / in stock

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