Puqpress Q2 | Precision Automatic Coffee Tamper


  • Dramatically improving quality and workflow on your espresso bar, the Puqpress is a revolutionary tool designed to not only reduce barista related injury but incorporate a level of precision and consistency not achievable by hand.

    The new Q2 Puqpress automatic coffee tamper offers the latest in precision technology to provide a consistent tamping experience for every cup of coffee.

    • Portafilter: Suits 58-58.4mm baskets including VST.
    • Tamper Diameter: 58.4mm (customised, tolerance +/- 0.1mm)
    • Tamper Shape: Flat bottom
    • Adjustable Pressure: 10-30kg (+/- 1kg)
    • Cycle Duration: 1.3 seconds
    • Display: LCD
    • Warranty: 12-month
    • Power: 60 watts
    • Dimensions: 125mm (L) x 150mm (W) x 220mm (H)
    • Weight: 4.8kg

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