IMS Filtri – Rancilio Precision Shower Screen – 200um

Part #RA200IM


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  • IMS Filtri Precision Group Shower Screen for Rancilio and Cimbali espresso machines. Compatible with the following Rancilio espresso machines:

    This IMS Filtri Precision Shower Screen features 200 micron laser-cut holes carefully located to promote maximum water diffusion and even flow across the surface of your coffee puck. This promotes more even saturation of the puck during espresso brewing, and dissuades channeling.

    We recommend replacing the shower screen in your high end espresso machine every 12-months to remove any old built-up coffee oil or grime, and also to ensure even distribution of water across your espresso puck.

    • Material Stainless Steel
    • Size 60mm (Od) x 57mm (Id)
    • Recommended Lifespan 12-Months
    • Country of Manufacture Italy
    • Manufacturer IMS Filtri
    • Model / MPN RA200IM

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