Aeropress Kit



The Aerobie Aeropress provides a fast, portable and foolproof brewing method that’s perfect for home use. Since the Aeropress combines full-immersion brewing with a fine paper filter, the end cup yields larger body than a drip filter but greater cleanliness than a French Press. While we prefer to use the Aeropress to brew delicate filter brews, you can also use a fine grind and higher dose to achieve thicker, more espresso-style brews.

The Aeropress is an incredibly versatile brewer: It is at home in our coffee bars, but is also perfect for travelling, camping or just regular home and office use. When collapsed down to its smallest size, you can even fit a Porlex Hand Grinder inside for the ultimate travel coffee pack.

Please note that each Aeropress comes with a pack of 350 paper filters included. Replacement filters can be purchased online or in-store.

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