PuqPress Mini 58.3mm Auto Tamper for Home


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  • The PuqPress Mini is the new entrant to PuqPress’ extremely successful automatic tamper range, which have become staples in the commercial coffee bar since over the past few years.

    The PuqPress takes the work of tamping your coffee puck after grinding out of your hands – literally – by using a sensor to detect when the handle is placed into the fitted cradle, and a smooth and precision machined pressure motor to deliver the pre-set pressure onto the coffee puck in a perfectly repeatable manner, time and time again. This removes a key variable from the coffee making process, and ensure that every espresso you make is tamped flat and even, and applied with a consistent pressure.

    The PuqPress Mini is rated for up to 100 tamp cycles per day, making it a rock solid member of your home espresso bar, perfectly suited for high end espresso machine and grinder setups.

    • Country of Manufacture Netherlands
    • Tamp Base Diameter 58.3mm
    • Colour Matt Black
    • Model Generation Gen 5
    • Manufacturer MPN 7-002-0200-1
    • Weight 3.4kg
    • Tamping Pressure Adjustable: 10-30kg
  • The Puqpress Mini is compatible with the following espresso machines that we carry:

    → All Rancilio espresso machines
    → All La Marzocco espresso machines
    → All Rocket espresso machines
    → All La Pavoni E61-style espresso machines

    The tamper head is 58.3mm, which is a calibrated fit for a precision filter basket. We would recommend using a VST Precision Basket or IMS Competizione Basket to get the most consistent and reliable results from your Puqpress


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