Hario V60 Dripper, Transparent Plastic (02 Size)


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  • The standard bearer for V-shaped pour over drippers, the Hario V60 is largely responsible for popularising the clean, crisp style of pour over filter coffee that we know and love.

    V60 refers to the 60º angled cone shape, with spiraled ridges running down the length of the cone. This design helps promote an even, fast flow rate and “draw down” (the flow of water through the coffee bed) which improves the clarity and high extraction potential of this style of pour over coffee.

    • Country of Manufacture Japan
    • Manufacturer MPN VD-02T
    • GTIN 4977642723023
    • Materials Acronitrile-syrene resin
    • Recommended Serving Size 1-4 Cups

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