Brewista Smart Scale II


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    The Brewista Smart Scale is perfect for espresso and manual filter brewing. This scale represents exactly what the home brewer or professional barista requires: precision measurement and ultimate portability. Designed for both cafe and home use, the Brewista Smart Scales includes four brewing modes suitable for espresso, and two manual modes for filter brewing.

    Accurate to within 0.1 grams, the Smart Scale features a timer, which can be activated manually or automatically as soon as liquid hits the vessel for the ultimate precision brewing. With a water-resistant nano-coating you can rinse straight under a faucet! A large screen display shows measurements up to 200g alongside a timer. This brand new second edition features a USB rechargeable battery, so you will never run flat again (micro USB cord not included).

    Includes protective tray/cover and silicone pad for water and temperature change resistance.


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