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  • Acaia Pearl Scale (Black)

    2kg / 0.1g accurate bench scales. Perfect for dialling in espresso or weighing filter coffee.

    $275.00 / in stock
  • Chemex Classic 3 Cup

    The Classic Small-Sized Chemex Brewer

    $75.00 / in stock
  • Chemex Classic 6 Cup

    $85.00 / in stock
  • Fellow ODE Filter Coffee Grinder

    Our recommended electronic filter grinder for home

    $580.00 / in stock
  • Hario V60 Filter Papers (01 Size)

    The classic Hario filter paper for V-shaped pour over drippers

    $10.00 / in stock
  • Victoria Arduino Mythos One Replacement Blades

    75mm Titanium-coated blades for Mythos Grinders

    $299.00 / in stock

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