Victoria Arduino Mythos One Replacement Blades

75mm Titanium-coated blades for Mythos Grinders


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  • Info

    Replacement Blades for the Victoria Ardunio Mythos One grinder. 75mm diameter flat-blades, titanium coated. For continued smooth, fast and consistent operation, we recommend changing blades in all Mythos grinders every 900kg.

    Compatible with the following grinder models:

    • Victoria Arduino Mythos One Grinder
    • Nuova Simonelli Mythos ClimaPro Grinder
    • Eureka Mythos Grinder

    Note that these blades are not compatible with the Victoria Arduino Mythos Two.

  • Technical Details
    • Dimensions: 75mm outer diameter, 9mm height
    • Material: Steel, Titanium Coating

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