Chemex Classic 3 Cup

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  • Invented in 1941 by the eccentric chemist Dr. Peter Schlumbohm the Chemex is constructed of non-porous borosilicate glass in a clever Bauhaus ‘Form follows function’ inspired hourglass.

    Light and compact, the Chemex Classic 3 Cup, 16oz (~450ml) is a great brewer for making crisp, clean pour over coffee when storage space is scarce. The brewer’s classic hourglass shape also allows it to be a carafe when the brewing is complete.

    The brewer’s extraordinary ability to make coffee with a rich flavour and clean body is largely due to the Chemex-Bonded Coffee Filters. These filters are thicker than most, keeping all sediment out of your cup and reducing the risk of bitterness.

    • Materials: Glass, Timber
    • Weight: 410g
    • Dimensions: 24.89 x 12.45 x 2.29 cm
    • Model Number: CM-1C
    • Recommended Capacity: 440ml

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