Getting Started

The Aeropress makes brewing top-notch filter coffee convenient and clean. Really we could sum the process up in three steps: add coffee and water, wait, and then press. Of course, being perfectionists, we have discovered a few intricacies which will garner excellent results in the final cup. Whether you are at home, camping, or sitting in a 747 at 33,000 ft, you can always find a version of the Aeropress method that works wonderfully.

You will need:


Boil fresh water in an electric kettle. If using a Bonvita Electric kettle, set the temperature at 98ºC.

Extend Aeropress’ plunger out of its chamber so the black stopper sits at number 4, as shown. Remove the black lid from the Aeropress and place the Able DISK into it. Finally, place the aeropress upside down on the table top so that the chamber is facing lid-end up.


Take your 14g of freshly roasted filter coffee and grind it at a medium coarseness (similar to coarse sea salt).

Pour the ground coffee into the Aeropress chamber. Be careful not to spill any coffee grinds in the lid channel, as this will prevent you from properly sealing the lid later on.


Start timer, add 200g of water vigorously to the Aeropress and stir the slurry 8 times with a spoon or paddle (you should be finished stirring by 20 sec).

Place the filter on top of Aeropress (with the text-side facing up) then place the Aeropress cap and plunge down to expel 10g of slurry and wipe off.

At 1:15 invert / flip the Aeropress onto your mug serving vessel and push firmly but slowly on the plunger to expel the brewed coffee. The pressing should take just under 30 seconds.


It’s as easy as that. Decant your brewed coffee into a service vessel or drink straight from the carafe. You deserve it.

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