Kōno Range Server



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    Elegant and unassuming, the Kono Range Server is the perfect companion to the ‘Meimon’ dripper. The classically-designed Kono Range Server mirrors the delicate art of graceful coffee extraction. Made in Japan, the Kono Range Server is a beautifully designed vessel for your pour-over filter brew.

    In 1919, Akira Kono was sent to Singapore as part of the Japanese Embassy’s medical staff. After his first encounter with Singaporean coffee, Kono, a medical student and assistant a the Kyushu Imperial University College of Medicine, became obsessed with brewing coffee using equipment based on vacuum or ‘syphoning’ principles.

    After returning to Japan in 1923, Kono – now a doctor – continued to work on his coffee syphon device while running his own medical clinic in Ueno district of Tokyo. By 1925, Kono’s vision was completed and labelled the “Kono Type Tea Saifun”, as was his newly founded company, The Coffee Saifun Co., with the mission statement being: to “gracefully extract the characteristic of coffee”.

  • Technical Details
    • Country of Origin: Japan
    • Material: Heat-proof glass, acrylic handle

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