E61 Group Gasket 8.5mm


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  • Replacement Group Gasket for E61 espresso machines. Compatible with the following brands:

    • Rocket
    • La Pavoni (Cellini or Giotto)
    • Isomac
    • ECM
    • Wega
    • Expobar
    • Kees Van der Westen

    The thickness of this gasket is 8.5mm, ensuring a snug fit for the handle inside your group head, while still being soft and forgiving.

    We recommend changing the group gasket in your espresso machine every 6-months to prevent leaks, and keep your machine feeling and running like new.

    • Material Nitrile Rubber
    • Size 73mm (Od) x 57mm (Id)
    • Gasket Thickness 8.5mm
    • Recommended Lifespan 6-Months

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