Dream Tamper 58.5mm Precision (Walnut)

Made in Italy


Sorry! Out of Stock. ETA 15th October 2021

  • The Dream Tamper 58.5 mm is a precision machined coffee tamper for commercial or domestic espresso machines fitted with 58.5mm diameter VST Precision baskets.

    The Dream Tamper features a timber handle finished in a beautiful sealed beech timber, with solid stainless steel tamping base with a flat, machined surface and straight sides. Well weighted and perfectly balanced, the Dream Tamper will save your wrists from fatigue and provide an even, level tamping surface for perfectly prepared espresso pucks.

    Made in Italy, these tampers are our picks for the best value for money tamper for home or commercial use.

    • Country of Manufacture Italy
    • Base Diameter 58.5mm
    • Handle Material Solid Walnut Timber
    • Base Material Stainless Steel

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