Acaia Pyxis Ultralight Scale


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  • Tiny, fast and durable, the Acaia Pyxis Ultralight Scale monitors the weight and time of your espresso doses or brew yields in a super-portable package. The Pyxis is essentially the little brother to the Acaia Lunar scale, with similar features in a much smaller package. With a built in stopwatch, you can track your brew with a two-way timer that syncs with your mobile phone.

    The Pyxis features a 500g capacity, accuracy within 0.01g and 7 hours of battery life. Built with a premium, durable aluminium body, the Pyxis has been designed to fit on the drip tray of an espresso machine, or for a single dosing cup to measure precise espresso doses on the fly. The Pyxis features three built-in weighing modes: weighing mode, dual display mode, and shot clock mode.

    This minimalistic scale offers the ability to connect to the Acaia iPhone and Android app, where you can analyze, convert, and store all your brew settings and parameters, while comparing and sharing with the rest of the online Acaia community.

    The durable protective case pictured comes included with your new Pyxis scale.

    • Country of Manufacture Taiwan
    • Dimensions 6.5cm x 6.5cm x 1.3cm
    • Colour Black
    • Manufacturer MPN / Model # AL002
    • Maximum Weight 500g
    • Readability 0.01g
    • Material Aluminium, Acrylic
    • GTIN
    • Battery Life 7 hours
    • Charging via Micro USB
  • As a very compact method of weighing your ground coffee dose, you can pair the Pyxis Scale with a Rhino Dosing Cup, which is easy to use as a weighing vessel on the scale, and fits perfectly inside a commercial or 58mm portafilter basket.


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