Able Kone for Chemex / V60


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    The KONE metal filter from USA-based Able Brewing is a reusable filter designed to be used with the Chemex (6-Cup) or Hario V60 (2-Cup) pour over brewers. This optional addition replaces the paper filter that is normally used to brew coffee in with a perforated steel filter cone. Ground coffee is placed directly in the KONE, and brewing proceeds as if you were using a paper or cloth filter paper.

    From a flavour perspective, the KONE allows more fines (super-fine ground coffee particles) and oils naturally present in the coffee through the filter and into the cup. This results in a fuller bodied cup of coffee with more texture and tannin.

    The KONE also eliminates the need for paper filters, which is great for the environment (no paper waste!) and also affords extra convenience for those quick brews when you need to get going and not spend five minutes folding, rinsing and pre-wetting Chemex filter papers.

    We highly recommend using hte KONE with your Chemex at home for reliable, easy and forgiving brews that still yields exceptional flavour and a sweet, fully-extracted cup.


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