Season’s Best: Honduras – Victor Contreras, Washed Gesha (Organic) Filter

Orange blossom, black tea and mandarine. Complex, floral and elegant.


  • Organic
  • Shade Grown
  • Handpicked
  • Glyphosate Free

  • Sold out for the season!

    Victor Contreras is a leader and one of the loudest voices in organic and biodynamic coffee production in Marcala, southern Honduras. To say Victor is passionate about biodynamic and organic farming would be an understatement – Victor is absolutely obsessive about learning, refining and improving his biodynamic farming practices and producing the healthiest and most vibrant coffee possible.

    ​​Victor and his brother Edwin have run their farm Finca El Viejo Roble (“the old oak”) for over 25 years, since they inherited the land from their parents. Located in the suburb of El Granadillo outside Marcala town proper, El Viejo Roble is at 1,650 meters and ideally situated for quality coffee growing.

    This lot is a stunning washed process Gesha whose seeds Victor sourced from Panama, and has cultivated at El Viejo Roble for almost a decade. We are pleased to feature this lot as one of best Honduran coffees we have tasted this season.

    • Producer Victor Contreras
    • Farm Finca El Viejo Roble
    • Farm Size 4 hectares
    • Farm Certifications Fairtrade + Organic
    • Processing Washed Process
    • Variety Gesha
    • Harvest April 2023
    • Farm Altitude 1650 masl
    • Region El Granadillo, Marcala, La Paz
    • 20g

      ground coffee dose

    • 3:00

      total brew time

    • 300g

      total water volume

    • 95º

      brew temperature

    Our recommended recipe for Pour Over Brewing at home or in-cafe.

    We start with a 60g water bloom for 30 seconds.

    This recipe is developed on a Kono 01 Size dripper with Kono 01 filter papers. Other equipment configuration may require slight recipe modification.

Honduras Victor Contreras Gesha 2024 Website Image

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