Cleaning a Mazzer Robur S Espresso Grinder

Cleaning a Mazzer Robur S Espresso Grinder

A step by step guide on how to thoroughly and efficiently clean your Mazzer Robur S espresso grinder.


  1. Unscrew hopper retainer screw, remove, and store coffee. 
  2. Remove screw covers and using a number 5 hex key unscrew the four hex bolts to remove the burr unit. 
  3. Clean top burr within burr unit and set aside 
  4. Vacuum grinds chamber. 
  5. Remove retaining pin for coffee duct (chute?). Set safely aside. 
  6. Remove duct by pulling outwards, into grounds chamber. 
  7. Remove the wire damper (clump crusher) and clean duct carefully so as not to damage.
  8. Wedge burr carrier with cloth covered screwdriver into grinds chamber. 
  9. Unscrew and remove top bolt by turning anti-clockwise with a size 13 wrench, or ideally a socket. 
  10. Remove Propeller, Conical Burr, the Key from the drive shaft, and the Blade Carrier. 
  11. Clean conical burr, and blade carrier with a soft brush or microfibre cloth. 
  12. Re-Vacuum empty grinds chamber. Use Microfibre to remove any further debris. 
  13. Replace Burr Carrier, Conical Burr, Driveshaft Key, Propeller, and Top Bolt. 
  14. Wedge burr carrier with cloth covered screwdriver into grinds chamber. Secure Top bolt by turning Clockwise until tight. 
  15. Replace burr unit and secure with hex bolts, replace plastic covers. 
  16. Replace hopper securely and you are ready to go! 

Date Published

Thursday 4th July 2021




You Will Need

Microfibre Cloth

Adjustable Spanner or size 13 Wrench or Socket.

Small Grinder Brush

Right-Angle Metal Pick

Copper Wire Brush

Size 5 Metric Hex / Allen Key



15 to 20 minutes


Every 50kg

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