Brewing our coffee

Brewing coffee at home, work or on-the-go are some of the best ways to drink coffee. All it takes is fresh, perfectly roasted coffee, a few pieces of equipment, and a little coffee brewing nous. We hope that the guides below help you enjoy each of our coffees as much as we do.


  • Agitation A fancy word that baristas use of 'stirring'.
  • Bloom The start of the coffee brewing process where gas is escaping the coffee grounds as they become saturated with water.
  • Brew Ratio The ratio of ground coffee to brewed coffee liquid. Often expressed as grams per litre.
  • Coffee Bed The level bed of coffee at the bottom of the filter brewer (or in the espresso basket) which water is added to.
  • Distribution Normally used in reference to espresso, refers to the action of levelling coffee grounds in the filter basket.
  • Espresso roast In comparison to a filter roast, an espresso roast features more caramelisation and roast development leading to better body and more balance in the cup.
  • Extraction Also called 'solubility yield', extraction refers to the amount of soluble compounds extracted from the coffee bean. Normally expressed as a percentage, extraction is related to and varies with strength.
  • Filter Roast In comparison to an espresso roast, a filter roast features less roast development and hence more vibrancy and acidity in the final filter cup.
  • Fines The extra-fine particles produced by a coffee grinder as part of normal grinding.
  • Filter Paper A paper filter used in filter brewing devices (pourover, aeropress, chemex etc)
  • Fresh Roasted We deem coffee as 'fresh roasted' if it has been roasted within three weeks of use.
  • Particle Size The size (diameter) of the coffee particles produced by a coffee grinder. Changing particle size alters the flow rate of water through the coffee bed.
  • Strength Coffee strength is a tricky topic. When we talk about coffee strength, we refer to the dissolved solids (TDS) in a given coffee brew.
  • Saturation Saturation refers to the way coffee grinds are wet by the brew water in a filter brewer or espresso basket. Even saturation leads to even extraction, the main goal in coffee brewing.
  • Yield The volume of water produced by a filter brew, or the weight of the espresso shot.

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