Wholesale Coffee Training

Barista Training has always been central to our service at Dukes, and we are pleased to continue expanding and improving that service with our new online booking system. You can now self-book training classes on behalf of your team, held regularly at our roastery in Richmond.

Training Approach

Using the knowledge we have gained through setting up and running our own coffee bars and cafes, we can equip both new and established businesses with the skills to make their coffee program exceptional.

Balancing quality at high volumes is a delicate exercise that requires constant attention and ongoing training. We have the skills and experience to provide that balance. We offer on-site and in-house barista training programs, big-picture workflow and systems training and off-site workshops and education sessions.

Our training program focuses on the specific needs of each business, and we work on building a strong and consistent team of baristas to get there.

Training Locations

Our wholesale training centres in Richmond, VIC and Perth, WA offer the perfect space for barista training, workshops, systems training and educations sessions. With the capabilities of a fully functioning speciality cafe, we can help you improve bar workflow, implement systems, and continually hone your team’s skills.

Aside from content-specific training sessions, we run regular cupping and coffee education sessions, to keep you up to date with all that we have to offer.

Focused on Your Business

We offer our wholesale partners more than just simply barista training. Our goal is to build lasting partnerships with like-minded operators, with a focus on the specific outcomes for your venue. We know how to implement systems and design coffee programs for quality-at-scale, and work with our wholesale partners this experience to set them up for success.

Learning in a lab or training room is great for technical and detail-oriented training, however many of those skills can be quickly forgotten once transferred back into service. Implementing permanent quality control measures is essential for guaranteeing long term consistency.

Wholesale Sustainable Coffee Supply

More than just espresso…

Coffee education spans far beyond making espresso-based drinks. Equipment setup and maintenance are vital aspects of a barista’s work that are often overlooked.

Our trainers will teach you how to keep your equipment running fine and dandy, and will provide preventative maintenance and rotate consumables on a regular basis.

We are also masters of filter brewing in many different forms, from single cup pourover service to large scale batch brewing. We can provide coffee education courses to help fully understand coffee as a crop, bean and, ultimately, beverage.

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