Cleaning a Mythos One Espresso Grinder

Cleaning a Mythos One Espresso Grinder

A step by step guide on how to thoroughly and efficiently clean your Mythos One espresso grinder.

Step One

Remove the hopper.

Step Two

Remove all four screws.

Step Three

Unplug the power cord & remove the front burr carrier.

Step Four

Hold the back burr carrier with your 20mm ring spanner.

Step Five

Use the 17mm ring spanner to remove the bolt. Turn clockwise to loosen. This is the reverse of the standard screw direction.

Step Six

Remove the bold, the washer and the back burr carrier.

Step Seven

Use your brush and pick to thoroughly clean behind the back burr carrier. This should be immaculate.

Step Eight

Using an air duster or vacuum will help remove all grind particles.

Step Nine

Thoroughly clean all of the removed parts.

Step Ten

It is essential that you align the central grinder piece with the back burr carrier. If aligned correctly there should only be a couple of millimetres give in each direction.

Step Eleven

Replace the washer.

Step Twelve

Replace the bolt and tighten firmly. Make sure to not over tighten.

Step Thirteen

Replace the front burr carrier.

Step Fourteen

Followed by the four screws. Tighten firmly, but do not over tighten.

Step Fifteen

Reconnect the power cable.

Step Sixteen

Replace your hopper and you are ready to grind!

Date Published

Wednesday 3th August 2017




You Will Need

2pt Phillips Head Screwdriver

20mm offset ring spanner

17mm offset ring spanner

Small Grinder Brush

Metal Pick

Air duster or vacuum


15 to 20 minutes


Every 50kg

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