Uganda Gibuzale (Natural) Filter

Juicy mouthfeel and high sweetness. Cherry and stonefruit notes.


per 250g

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    The slopes of Mt. Elgon—bordering Kenya—are ideally suited for the production of specialty coffee, and producers are increasingly realising their potential. The Kyagalanyi cooperative operates three sustainable Arabica washing stations across Uganda, all of which are UTZ certified. Situated at 1,900 masl, Gibuzale is the highest and most remotely located washing station operated by Kyagalanyi and services upwards of 900 smallholders farmers from the region.

    For the smallholder farmers who deliver their cherries to Gibuzale, coffee growing is their livelihood and has been in their family for generations. The average farm is around 1 hectare with a variety of crops such as matooke (cooking banana), fruit trees, beans, peas, millet and coco yam. For most families, coffee is the most valuable source of income, representing about 80% of farm acreage.

    While this recent harvest has seen heavy rains, a changing climate is bringing less rain and higher temperatures, making the choice of drought-resistant varieties a positive one for the economic longevity of this developing coffee nation. To assist with temperature regulation and to reduce erosion from sudden floods, Kyagalanyi works hard to promote ecological buffer zones and shade tree planting in the coffee farms, alongside a range of educational training and agricultural services.

  • Technical Details
    • Producers: Approximately 934 smallholders
    • Washing Station: Gibuzale Washing Station
    • Processing: Natural
    • Varieties: SL14, SL28 & Catimor
    • Harvest: 2018
    • Altitude: 1700 - 2000 masl
    • Region: Bulambuli, Buginyanya, Mt. Elgon

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