Sitio Sertaozinho (Natural) Espresso

$17 per 250g


Sitio Sertaozinho is located in the Serra da Mantiqueira region in the south of Minas Gerais.  Due to the hilly terrain, microclimates are abundant,  generating an interesting range of flavour nuances. The area surrounding the city of Cristina receives favourable yearly rainfalls – on average between 1600 and 1800mm. With a stable, mild temperature of 18.8°C the cherries mature rather slowly, resulting in high sugar levels.

After harvesting, both under and over ripe cherries and manually picked on cloth to remove any unwanted elements. The cherries are then placed in thin layers on drying patios, while frequently being raked. Once the desired moisture level has been reached, the parchment coffee is delivered to the COCARIVE warehouses, where grading, commercialisation and export processing is completed. COCARIVE is a fantastic organisation, providing guidance to its members along all parts of the production chain including cultivation, machinery and storage.

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