Sítio Baixadão (Natural) Filter

$17 per 250g


We are excited to welcome back coffee from Sítio Baixadão. This coffee is the product of a partnership between Sebastião Afonso da Silva and his brother Antônio Márcio da Silva, who 20 years ago decided to move from rice production to coffee cultivation; nowadays coffee is the family’s primary source of income.

For 20 years the da Silva family have committed themselves to maintaining a sustainable farm by preserving natural resources and using the most efficient and modern agricultural practices. This natural process Brazil Sitio Baixadão is grown at elevations of 1200-1300 masl in the city of Cristina, in the region of Minas Gerais and has proven to be a most exceptional Brazilian coffee, winning the Cup of Excellence Brazil Naturals in 2015.

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