Sasaba (Natural) Espresso

$20 per 250g


The Sasaba washing station sits at 1800 masl in the Guji zone of the Oromia region in the south west of Ethiopia. From late September to December, local smallholder farmers, who each usually own less than 20 coffee trees, deliver their harvested red cherries to the Sasaba washing station. Alongside coffee, local farmers grow subsistence crops such as maize and peas. Coffee at Sasaba is both washed and naturally processed, and we are thrilled to be showcasing this natural process lot. Cherries are processed on-site and fermented for between 48-72 hours before they are placed on the drying beds for just over a week, while the natural coffees are usually dried for 15-20 days.

This coffee from the Sasaba washing station is a rich, fruit driven and floral example of how unique Ethiopian coffees can be, while the natural process defines its characteristics and sets it apart from others of its kind, making it a most memorable and exciting espresso coffee.

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