Papua New Guinea Sihereni Espresso

A creamy, low-acidity coffee, with caramelised pecans, date and a black tea finish.

  • Info

    We are thrilled to welcome our first offering from Papua New Guinea in over 5 years. Rather than being processed through the traditional wet-hull processing method, like neighbouring Indonesian coffees, this coffee has been fully washed, resulting in a clean and complex espresso. We believe that this distinctive coffee is a prime example of the quality achievable from this small region.

    The Sihereni Plantation, located in the Eastern Highlands, is a hidden treasure in the Asaro region. Rich in history, Sihereni is one of the very few plantations originating from the pre-independence era that is still operational.

    Since the first coffee trees were planted in this area by an Australian entrepreneur in 1963, the farm changed ownership several times over the following four decades. In 2000, when the plantation was in a state of complete disrepair, David Oromari, a local with a background in the coffee industry, purchased Sihereni. The previous owners had abandoned the farm and when visiting the property Oromari found yellowing and overgrown coffee trees. He reached out to community members and his family in order to clean up the plantation and rehabilitate the coffee trees. In return, David compensated those who helped by paying for the coffee cherry they harvested.

    Since its collaboration with SMS-PNG, Sihereni management has allocated a large area of pristine forest as a conservation area. Green python and the Tree kangaroo are well known inhabitants of the conservation site.  There is a nursery for native species to be planted at plantation buffer zones, developed in 2012 to further support conservation initiatives

    Sihereni management is a very engaged and prominent factor in the local community. Not only is the plantation a prominent employer in the area, but it also has taken up many social responsibilities. Sihereni Plantation has built a church and is a (financial) contributor to many social events as part of good PNG custom; (contributions to weddings, school fees, funerals, church activities, use of vehicles, providing building materials etc.).

  • Technical Details
    • Producer: David Oromari
    • Farm: Sihereni Plantation
    • Processing: Fully Washed
    • Varieties: Heirloom
    • Harvest: 2017/2018
    • Altitude: 1500 masl
    • Region: Asaro, Goroka
  • Espresso Recipe
    • 19.8g

      ground coffee dose

    • 28

      seconds brew time

    • 41g

      espresso shot yield

    • 94º

      brew temperature

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