Nyarusiza Filter

$23 per 250g


This special preparation coffee is a small experimental lot produced by Sam Muhirwa, one of the owners of Buf Coffee. While processed at an elevation of 1743 masl, the farms that contribute to this station are found up to 2000 masl. This coffee is a fantastic example of Buf Coffee’s commitment to progression, innovation and quality.

The ripe cherries are picked by hand and then delivered to Nyarusiza. After being graded, the beans (in parchment) are dry fermented in very small plastic containers for 10-12 hours. Compared to the usual large tanks, these plastic containers help speed up the fermentation process and allow for smaller micro lots to be processed. After fermentation, the wet parchment is soaked in water for 24 hours, before being moved to pre-drying beds for intense sorting. Finally, the sorted beans are moved onto African beds in direct sun, to dry slowly over 10-20 days.

This washing station is one of two owned and run by Buf Coffee, named for the former name of the region, Bufundu. Founded in 2000 by Epiphanie Mukashyaka, Buf Coffee is now managed by Epiphanie and her sons, Samuel and Aloys, who are taking an increasingly active role in running and expanding the business. Today Buf Coffee buys coffee cherries from as many as 7,000 smallholder farmers, including five different local cooperatives. Buf has very strong links with the local communities that supply it, providing jobs for hundreds of locals during peak harvest (May – June/July) and ten permanent positions year-round.

The majority of the small farmers that supply Buf in the area have an average of only 300 coffee trees each (less than a quarter of a hectare), and also use their land to cultivate crops like maize and beans to feed themselves and their families. Most of their income from the sale of coffee is used to send their children to school, pay for medical care, and for investment in livestock such as a cow for milk, which is then used at home and for sale locally.

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