Nemba Espresso

$18 per 250g


Our first offering from Burundi, we are thrilled to introduce the Nemba.

Nemba is two entities: a cooperative and a washing station located in high altitude hills close to the Congo-Nile divide. The washing station was built in 1991, and now collects cherries from over 2000 local farmers; in Burundi there are no large plantations, coffee is grown on small family-owned farms. High altitudes, numerous hills, volcanic soils and abundant rains offer the ideal conditions for the production of exceptional and exotic coffee.

The Kayanza region is in the north of the country and most known for being the water source for the Nile river; a unique water that is used to process coffee cherries at all the neighbouring washing stations. This water is just one of many reasons that this cooperative regularly performs well in the prestigious Cup of Excellence.

Nemba is owned by Webcor, who has set itself apart from the competition by developing a professional agronomic team, comprised of three engineers, responsible for overseeing agronomic best practice, education and collaboration with producers. According to Nemba washing station’s manager Fabien, the biggest challenges to quality are good agricultural practices and farmer access to fertiliser. While Webcor’s team of agronomists work hard at the farmer level, access to fertiliser is a challenge connected with poverty. Fabien believes that higher prices can be achieved as farmers increase yields through better farming practices and the quality of cherry selection and processing continues to improve.

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