Nelson Ramirez Espresso

$22 per 250g


Named after his mother, Nelson Ramirez’s farm Chely is located in the small village of El Cielito. This village runs alongs the mountain range in Santa Barbara, and is neighboured by other well known coffee producing villages, Las Flores and Cedral. Nelson, who bought the farm off a friend in 2010, is a trained agronomist and botanist, reflected in the way he professionally manages his 15 hectare farm and densely plants his Catuai trees in manicured rows to maximise production. Passionate and precise, Nelson carefully monitors his plants and is meticulous when it comes to processing his cherries properly – just one of the reasons why this espresso tastes so great.

The Santa Barbara region has proven itself to be the place and people producing some of the most exceptional coffee within Honduras over the last decade. Located in Peña Blanca the Paz family and their Beneficio San Vicente have been responsible for helping the many small producers in the communities that surround the mill, and this coffee from producer Nelson Ramirez is no exception. Beneficio San Vicente has significantly changed the coffee landscape in Honduras by offering support to farmers resulting in multiple prestigious Cup of Excellence wins.

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