Muduha Filter

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This coffee is named ‘Muduha’ after the group of neighbouring coffee farmers who work together to produce it. The land on which they live and farm has ‘Umuduha’ trees growing among their coffee trees, which not only provides shade but produces nitrogen in the soil, which is essential for the growth of healthy coffee trees.

The Muduha farmer group meets regularly at the nearby Remera washing station (owned by Buf Coffee) to discuss their challenges and successes. The chief farmer of the group is 56-year-old Faustin Munyaneza, a life-long coffee farmer who now owns 3,000 of his own coffee trees.  There are about 40-50 farmers that make up the Muduha farmer group and they deliver their freshly picked coffees to the Remera washing station, where it is marked with the Muduha farmer group name and the picking date and processed separately. This ensures that each of their day lots are kept separate for inventory and scoring purposes.

Muduha coffee has a distinctive flavour characteristic that is a product of the region in which it’s grown. The area boasts a very high altitude (almost 2,000m), healthy soil full of acids and nitrogen, and a lower temperature than in other parts of Rwanda. A cooler climate slows down the coffee cherry maturation and, in turn, the harvest of the coffee cherries. Normally, coffee in Rwanda is harvested between March and May, but in the case of Muduha, cherries are harvested in June or July.

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