Market Espresso Blend

Rich and bold with notes of cocoa and red berries.

  • Info

    Market Espresso is a bold coffee that tastes wonderful under milk, or rich and syrupy served black. A more traditional style blend, Market Espresso is low in acidity and high in body.

    Market Espresso is extremely forgiving and flexible, and has been focused as the ultimate milk coffee, delivering high strength and bold flavour under milk.

    The Market Espresso Blend is made up of the following single estate coffees:

    • Peru Chope Womens’ Cooperative (Washed process)
    • Colombia Huila Timana (Washed process)
    • Brazil Sera da Mantiqueira (Pulped natural process)
  • Technical Details
    • Processing: Washed & Pulped Natural
    • Harvest: 2018
    • Regions: Tolima, Colombia, San Martin, Peru & Gedeo, Ethiopia
  • Espresso Recipe
    • 20g

      ground coffee dose

    • 28

      seconds brew time

    • 40g

      espresso shot yield

    • 93.5º

      brew temperature

    Our espresso recipes are developed on a La Marzoco Linea PB, using a Victoria Arduino Mythos One grinder. We encourage you to play around to meet your personal tastes and equipment setup.


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