La Piramide Espresso

$20 per 250g


La Piramide is produced by approximately 400 small coffee growers of the Asociación de Caficultores del Oriente Caucano (Asorcafe) within the municipality of lnzá. Mountains interspersed with canyons and rivers make this one of Colombia’s most beautiful and difficult to access regions. Common to Colombia, the coffee is fully washed in micro wet mills at each individual farm, and sun-dried on patios or raised beds.

Until Asorcafe was founded in 2004, most of the region’s coffee was sold to intermediaries who in turn sold it to other intermediaries or coffee exporters in Huila. Almost all the coffee was sold as generic ‘Huila Coffee’, losing any traceability. After Asorcafe was created, they set up their own warehouses, started purchasing their member’s production and began to sell directly in Popayan, the capital of the Cauca department.

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