La Negrita (Mokka) Filter

$48 per 250g


Season’s Best

Located within the vicinity of Ibagué, the mountainous capital of Tolima, Finca La Negrita offers stunning panoramic views of the Nevado del Tolima volcano. The farm is blessed with natural spring water, rich and fertile volcanic soils, high altitudes, ideal topography and climate, making it the perfect location for speciality coffee production. The cherries are hand-picked when ripe, de-pulped and fermented for up to 18 hours. The coffee is then fully washed using fresh water from a natural spring on the farm, before being left to dry on parabolic drying beds.

Due to its position near the equator, the farms’ micro climate favours harvest almost all year, with a warm temperature during the day, and at night a slight drizzle that protects the coffee plantations of low temperatures. The Mokka variety is strikingly small, round and aromatic. Producer Mauricio Shattah has planted approximately 4000 trees that produce these beautiful and unique cherries at 1760 – 1850 masl.

We will be roasting a limited quantity of the La Negrita Mokka on Mondays only, unfortunately any further orders will be put on hold until the next roast day.

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