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Family owned and operated since 1870, Finca La Fany has been passed from generation to generation, and is currently owned by Rafael Silva, who fell in love with the farm over a decade ago when it was owned by his aunt. A keen agronomist, he divided the land into tablónes – or areas – where only the finest cherries are selected from each area to produce their coffee.

Finca La Fany is part of the ‘Meso-American Biological Corridor System’, a network of protected natural corridors which runs from Mexico all the way down to Panama. When this natural corridor or biological ‘highway’ passes through the shade-grown coffee regions of El Salvador, it acts as a substitute rainforest and plays a vital role as sanctuary for many of the migratory and native bird species found in this part of the world.

Finca La Fany is located in the Apaneca region at 1400-1600 masl, surrounded by Copalchi trees to protect the coffee trees from the strong winds of the area. The word Apaneca itself means, “river of winds”. During the low season, the Rafael Silva employ ten local workers, and up to 120 during peak harvest.  With its very own wet mill, Finca La Fany has greater control of the processing and quality of its coffee, and begins processing cherries at 8pm every evening after harvest, before being transferred to the farm’s very own greenhouse for drying. Along with a greenhouse and a wet mill, Rafael has installed a cupping room and a sample roastery, so they can focus more on developing the quality of the coffee.

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