Kōno Cotton Filter Papers (01 Size)


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  • As elegant and simple as the Meimon Dripper, the Kōno Filter Papers fit snugly into the conical design of the Dripper to ensure the perfect extraction. These unique filter papers are made from Oxygen Bleached paper pulp blended with short-strand cotton fiber, leading to a filter paper material that captures more coffee fines during brewing. This will result in a slower draw-down time on your pour over brews, but will also encourage a smoother, rounder and cleaner end result in the cup.

    We recommend Cotton Filter Papers such as these for brewing medium or dark-roasted coffee through filter to take advantage of the extra-fine filtering properties of this material.

    These Kōno Filter Papers are made to match the 1-2 cup Meimon Drippers, and are available in packs containing 40 filter papers. They are also compatible with the Hario V60 brewing cone (01 size).

    • Country of Origin: Japan
    • Manufacturer MPN: MD-26C
    • Material: Oxygen Bleached Paper and Cotton Fiber

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