Honduras – Pedro Turcios, Natural Process (Organic) Filter

Peach, nectarine & apricot jam. Stewed blueberry, and chocolate fudge.


  • Organic
  • Shade Grown
  • Handpicked
  • Glyphosate Free

  • One of our favourite Honduran producers, Pedro Turcios, returns with a unique Thermal Shock Natural Process microlot. Pedro enjoys experimenting with new processing methods and has pushed the boundaries with this fruity and sweet Icatu variety microlot this season.

    Situated at an altitude of 1,670 meters, Finca Maria Bonita is a model organic coffee farm that has a long history in Pedro’s family. Founded by his mother, Maria, before Pedro was born, the coffee farm has been part of Pedro’s life throughout. Named “Maria Bonita” (Beautiful Maria) in honor of his mother, grandmother and nieces – all Maria – Pedro’s family legacy in coffee is rooted in the land that grew this coffee.

    This is one of the best natural process coffees we have tasted this year, with great richness, fruit driven sweetness and a smooth fudge-like mouthfeel. Fans of a fruit-forward coffee, this is for you!

    • Producer Pedro Turcios
    • Farm Finca Maria Bonita
    • Farm Size 6 hectares
    • Farm Certifications Fairtrade + Organic
    • Processing Thermal Shock Natural
    • Variety Icatu
    • Harvest January 2023
    • Farm Altitude 1670 masl
    • Region Chinacla, La Paz
    • 20g

      ground coffee dose

    • 3:00

      total brew time

    • 300g

      total water volume

    • 95º

      brew temperature

    Our recommended recipe for Pour Over Brewing at home or in-cafe.

    We start with a 60g water bloom for 30 seconds.

    This recipe is developed on a Kono 01 Size dripper with Kono 01 filter papers. Other equipment configuration may require slight recipe modification.

  • One of our favourite Honduran coffees returns for the 2023 season, hailing from producer Pedro Turcios’ Finca Maria Bonita located in Marcala, Honduras. 

    Pedro Turcios cultivates Catuai, Icatú, Pache and H-27 varieties on his farm, Finca Maria Bonita – named in honour of his mother, grandmother and nieces who all bear the name “Maria”, with “Bonita” meaning beautiful. A third-generation coffee farmer and youngest of five siblings, Pedro was raised by his single mother who instilled in him a love for coffee and taught them how to plant, produce and process coffee. Among his siblings, Pedro focused most on coffee and is one of the initial graduates from coffee cupping training by the Honduran Coffee Institute, IHCAFE. He went on to gain a diploma from INFOP, and uses his knowledge and continual learning to drive quality and experimentation at Finca Maria Bonita. 

    Pedro’s farm is located in Marcala, La Paz, and is a leader among his community. One of his principles is to invest in organic production, rather than conventional farming methods. The community in Marcala place a strong emphasis on ecological balance, preserving local plant life and maintaining good soil health. Though he has personally only been an organic coffee farmer for 8 years, his mother was producing organically before him, and passed on this passion and drive to the next generation.

    Pedro’s vision is for Finca Maria Bonita to be a model organic coffee farm. He is constantly striving for perfection and keeps a clean and tidy farm with clearly labelled coffee variety gardens and stringent farming practices. On this he says “If I’m going to put it my mom’s name, I’ll have to keep it this way “bonita” (beautiful) because of her.” 

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