Summer Blend

$17 per 250g


Our seasonal Summer Blend is a combination of two of our favourite in season coffees; Honduras Roman Aguilar and Ecuador Finca La Playa. We hope to highlight these exceptionally processed coffees from producers Roman Aguilar and Ruben Guagala, which together form a balanced, clean and intensely sweet espresso coffee. This blend has been designed to be enjoyed black across all brew methods.

The Summer Blend is currently made up of the following single estate coffees:

  • Honduras Roman Aguilar (Washed processed, Bourbon & Pacas varieties)
  • Ecuador Finca La Playa (Washed processed, Caturra & Castillo varieties)

This blend is used for all black coffees at our stores in Melbourne and Sydney; we choose the most delicious and exciting lots we can find and reserve them exclusively for this blend.

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