Highwire Organic Espresso Blend

Thick and creamy, nougat and blackforest cherry cake notes and a rich brown sugar finish.

  • Info

    Environmental and social sustainability stand at the heart of everything we do. We are dedicated to reducing our negative impact on the earth and supporting the communities that took part in the production process.

    Our preference, where possible, is to purchase organically grown coffees and produce, free of harmful chemicals, pesticides and a focus on reducing environmental contamination and water consumption. Our Highwire Organic Espresso Blend is a combination of three organic coffees from Colombia, Guatemala and Ethiopia, which together form a rich and smooth espresso blend, that’s excellent both black or with milk.

    The Highwire Organic Blend is made up of the following single estate coffees:

    • Colombia Los Vascos (Washed process)
    • Guatemala ASOBAGRI Coop (Washed proces)
    • Ethiopia Boji (Natural process)


  • Technical Details
    • Processing Method: Washed & Natural
    • Harvest: 2016/2017
    • Regions: Tolima, Colombia, Huehuetenango, Guatemala & Gedeo, Ethiopia
    • Producers: ASOPEP Co-op Colombia, ASOBAGRI Co-op & Adado Small Holders
    • Roasted On: Loring S35 Kestrel SmartRoaster
  • Espresso Recipe
    • 19.5g

      ground coffee dose

    • 28

      seconds brew time

    • 40g

      espresso shot yield

    • 93.5º

      brew temperature

    Our espresso recipes are developed on a La Marzoco Linea PB, using a Victoria Arduino Mythos One grinder. We encourage you to play around to meet your personal tastes and equipment setup.


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