Gatomboya Filter

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Gatomboya is a washing station located in the Mt. Kenya lowland region. Almost 1,000 members of the Barichu FCS (Farmers Cooperative Society) deliver hand picked ripe cherries to Gatomboya during the harvest season. Once delivered, cherries are hand sorted and pulped at Gatomboya. After overnight fermentation, the cherries are washed and placed on raised beds for an average drying period of 10-12 days.

On average farmers have close to 300 coffee trees, which are grown in a ‘coffee garden’, interspersed with macadamia, banana, maize, beans and shade trees.

The Barichu FCS was originally formed in 1987 as a member of the giant Mathira collective. In 1996, they broke away to better serve the farmers of the Nyeri region. Barichu now manages four washing stations (Karindundu, Karatina, Gaturiri and Gatomboya) along the southern slopes of Mt. Kenya. In addition to managing the four washing stations, the Barichu FCS has undertaken initiatives to increase yields and improve members’ livelihoods, with the long term goal to increase coffee production through farmer training and good agricultural practices.


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