Dukes Coffee Canister


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    A perfect addition to your home coffee setup, the Dukes Coffee canister keeps your coffee fresh for longer. Each canister is handmade in Japan by skilled craftsmen using lead-free, food grade tin steel and feature an airtight cap with an additional interior lid.

    Founded in 1910, Kotodo Takahashi Corporation has been producing hand-made canisters for over a century. While the majority of canister manufacturers no longer produce their products by hand, Kotodo has maintained its traditional manufacturing process through its history. Each process has been mastered by generations of craftsmen that continue to be the foundation of the company today.

    The process begins with cutting out the tin material from a large board. The board is cut into 20 different sizes to accommodate Kotodo’s range of canisters. The blades of the cutting machine are hand-adjusted by experienced craftsmen with the gentle touch of a hammer.

    After the tin material is cut, it is rolled into a cylindrical shape using a special machine. Because this procedure is also carried out by hand, Kotodo canisters cannot be made in large quantities. This attention to detail makes Kotodo products one of the highest quality in the industry.

    Once the canisters are in a cylindrical shape they are placed in a special mould to define the area that the top lid will sit on. This process is carried out by inserting a rubber balloon into each cylinder and expanding it to ensure that each canister is evenly formed.

  • Technical Details
    • Capacity: 350g
    • Dimensions: 10.5mm ⌀ x 135 mm H
    • Materials: Tin with lacquer paint coating

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