Colombia Norvey Estrada (Organic) Espresso

Smooth and rich. Glacé cherry, milk chocolate with a long, balanced finish.

  • Info

    Owned by producer Norvey de Jesus Estrada, Finca La Bastilla is a small organic farm located in the renowned Tolima department of Colombia. As a member of the Asociación de Tecnólogos y Productores Agropecuarios de Bilbao (Asotbilbao), Norvey implements organic farming practices across his 5-hectare farm, including the use of organic fertiliser and liquid compost made on-site. With the help of the other members of Asotbilbao, these environmentally friendly practices and methodologies are promoted to the surrounding Tolima coffee growing community, with the ultimate aim to improve not only the coffee but the socio-economic growth of the region too.

    Norvey grows only 100% Caturra varieties at La Bastilla and is focused entirely on high quality specialty coffee. This is a high-altitude farm where the coffee is growing at 1850 metres above sea level, and as such all of the coffee at La Bastilla is complex, bright and very clean. Norvey picks his coffee entirely by hand with his team of 12 pickers, pulps, ferments and patio dries the coffee on-site at his micro-mill.

    This particular lot was fermented as whole cherry for 12 hours after picking, then de-pulped and wet-fermented for 24 hours before final washing. This process affords the coffee extra richness, body and a lovely syrupy texture – a real treat and a true every-day drinking espresso.

    Asotbilbao was founded on October 2010 by 35 members who graduated from SENA –Colombias’ Higher Education National Service. They wanted to serve as a bridge between the Governmental institutions and coffee producers, to enhance coffee quality and productivity.

    Currently, Asotbilbao has 38 active members from different areas of Bilbao, Municipality of Planadas in South Tolima, and have become well-known for their organisational skills, high cup scores and Organic and Fair Trade certifications.

  • Technical Details
    • Producer: Norvey de Jesus Estrada Posada
    • Farm: Finca La Bastilla
    • Wet Mill: On-Farm Micro-Mill
    • Processing: Washed
    • Varieties: 100% Caturra
    • Harvest: November 2019
    • Altitude: 1850 masl
    • Region: El Castillo, 3km outside Bilbao, Planadas, Tolima

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